Special Effects


Our special effects are tailored to further blur the line between reality and create an experience that captures as many senses as possible and stimulates the audience’s imagination. We use audio-visuals, lighting, music, sound effects and smells to enhance installations. We can even control ‘the weather’ through snow and fog machines among many others.


Flames can create a great atmosphere for many events from product launches, music performances to graduations, they can be used in addition to firework display’s or are just as effective alone.


Our state of the art flame projector operates both indoor and out producing a variety of fire effects from tall flame jets to delicate fire balls. With the newest flame projector it makes it easy for installation and removal, perfect for events where the area needs to be cleared in no time


A celebration would be nothing without some confetti! We offer a wide range of shapes and colours or we can even personalise the confetti to really enhance your event.


Streamers are just as effective as confetti and they save a lot of the clean up afterwards! We use a variety of techniques to disperse the confetti and streamers, using compressed air cannons, CO2 powered launchers, swirl fans or pyrotechnic cartridges every space can be filled with drifts of colourful confetti and streamers to create the perfect photo opportunity, whatever the location.


Fireworks are a great way to end an evening and really wow your audience. We can create spectacular firework displays for any occasion whether it be a corporate, public or private event.


We tailor each display to your required needs, considering the duration of the display and personal colour or shape requirements. We also have extras which can accompany your display from pyrotechnics to switching on the display yourself.


Add a touch of drama, intrigue, and mystery to your event and set the right tone for it. Our fog and haze machines will enhance lighting effects while giving your event that extra edge