Audience Polling

Get the best engagement with your audience using our Event Poll Technology

Online audience polling services for corporate events.

Live online polling for events

Get inside the minds of your attendees with our event technology that lets you ask questions and receive feedback in real time – it’s highly effective.

Get greater audience engagement with live polling

Find out what your audience is really thinking with Event Poll


Ask attendee’s their opinion, get live feedback on hot topics and see everyone connecting with the content. Say goodbye to traditional event data and hello to the new frontier of data mining – event insights in real time. Even those who do not have a smart phone can join in via SMS, so audience members find it almost impossible not to participate.

How Event Poll can create greater audience engagement

For your event to be a true success, it needs to deliver on the event objectives. Here’s how Event Poll can help by:


  • Measuring and analysing audience opinion live, you have an instant way of measuring attendee’s satisfaction.
  • Including an interactive element you’re encouraging engagement, so your audience can get involved in live discussion.
  • Asking for feedback, you can understand the hot topics your audience is interested in (and those they would prefer to skip).
  • Checking in with your audience, you can make sure the content is being understood.
  • Asking the audience to submit their Q&A question, you can manage the session more efficiently.
  • Using Event Poll as your exit survey, you can assess your audience’s opinions while it’s still fresh in their minds.
  • Ask a variety of questions designed to keep your audience entertained and engaged from ice-breakers, and Q&A sessions to “Voting on Best Dressed” at social events


Event Poll is a useful tool which both in-room and webcast audiences can use.

How to get the best engagement using Event Poll

  • Clearly communicate the URL during house-keeping announcements.
  • Use a test or fun intro question to get everyone used to using Event Poll, e.g. ‘Where have you come from today?’
  • Discuss the outcomes of the poll to ensure everyone can feel their input is valued.
  • Moderate what goes on screen to show responses that help keep the presentation on-track.
  • Use polling selectively to maintain impact.
  • Brand your Event Poll to increase recognition.
  • Consider all possible responses and be ready to discuss