Now your event can be everywhere at once

Event Webcasting Services

Webcasting your event allows you to connect and interact instantly with new and existing audiences, across different locations and time zones. Onyx Sound & Lights is East Africa’s leading event services provider and proudly offers customisable webcasting platform for events.

Webcasting enables your event to be everywhere at once

When you want to maximise your event’s impact by reaching a national, regional or global audience, distance and time can be challenging factors. The good news is, thanks to technology, connectivity and some clever thinking, you and your clients are living in a world where events are no longer affected by busy schedules, different countries or time zones. Plus, Onyx Sound & Lights service offers you the regions, so your webcast will look as unique as your brand.


Onyx Sound & Lights Event Webcast is a useful addition to any event, and has been created with the knowledge that audiences today need the convenience of live access to information as well as on demand catch up.

Why you should webcast your event?

There’s more reasons to webcast than reaching new audiences


Aside from the obvious benefit of reaching a global audience for an extended period, webcasting your event provides many lucrative benefits.


  • Engage new audiences: Webcasting your event allows your brand to reach new and global audiences that previously weren’t accessible to you either due to calendar conflicts, location and time zone.
  • Sell live or On Demand: Naturally, a popular use for Event Webcast is to sell webcasts live or on demand. This is particularly attractive for those running training courses or seminars and has the potential to boost your revenue.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Recent changes to our service mean you can utilise this as a natural platform for brands that want access to an audience at a sponsorship level. Whether that’s through video, banner ads or some other form of display – they’ll pay for the privilege and you’ll see the benefits.
  • Boost audience engagement: With the potential to include active participation from other sites, live Q&A, polls, social media and chat rooms it has the ability to match, if not exceed, your event’s in-room engagement.

Cutting-edge webcasting technology

We understand the importance of crystal clear webcasting.


Onyx Sound & Lights use leading edge equipment and cloud-based technology to make sure everything runs smoothly. As for how it looks, we build a page that appears like a seamless extension of your website.


We’ll help you through the process of deciding what to include such as registration and pay wall options so you can control what people see on a paid and unpaid basis. Once the event’s over, you’ll have a link available for 12 months which you can distribute through the same settings. It’s easy, and you can keep earning revenue long after the event.

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