Annual General Meetings

All your AGM production needs, from staging to presentations, provided by one supplier.

Successful AGMs start here

With all of your company’s stakeholders in the room, we understand the importance of delivering a seamless AGM. That’s why we’re here to provide solid event production solutions to make sure your AGM is a success.

Tailored event services for Annual General Meetings

From audio visual, staging and lighting through to multimedia and interactive technology.

Onyx Sound & Lights are specialists in producing Annual General Meetings of all shapes, sizes and complexities. Our tailored approach and proven-track record makes us the preferred AGM provider in the East Africa region. The Onyx team has unrivalled experience and specialist skills in managing stakeholders, backed by a thorough knowledge of the formal processes in executing an AGM. From staging and set design through to lighting and audio visual services, we can cater for the even the most demanding and high profile AGM’s. Our service can include:


  • Detailed preproduction and rehearsals
  • Registration desks
  • Customised set design and Board of Directors’ table
  • Clear AV for presentations and Q&A
  • Multimedia and screen content such as presentations
  • Compliance Recording
  • Board of Directors’ speaker prep room
  • Highest quality audio and vision throughout all areas

Digital Services for Annual General Meetings

Enhance your AGM with the latest event technology

Take advantage of our latest event technologies, designed to give your AGM attendees a truly seamless experience from onsite to onscreen. Onyx Sound & Light’s large range of digital services will enhance your engagement and interaction of your attendees.


  • Customised Webcasting – It’s a big ask to expect all of your company stakeholders to be available to attend your AGM in person. With East Africa’s most customisable webcasting platform, you can display both the live recording and synchronised presentation slides, side-by-side, so your online audience can see exactly the same as those in the room. This means you can reach your audience anywhere, at any time.
  • Event Polling – Let your attendees vote and communicate ideas throughout your AGM, straight from their mobiles. Our Live Polling platform has been used at many corporate events, proving a highly useful way of collating data to review after the event, too!
  • Digital Registration– Cut out tedious administrative tasks with our digital registration tool – a quick and simple solution to keep your registration process streamlined and online. Data submitted is imported directly to an online database, for you to access at any time.
  • Event Apps – Keep your AGM attendees up-to-date with our event app which has up to 10 features giving you endless possibilities to streamline your AGM communication. From uploading important documents, meeting minutes, reports and speaker bios, through to links to videos, venue info, and company information.

Partner with Onyx Sound & Lights to produce your next AGM

Onyx’s approach to AGM’s is a revolutionary one. We use contemporary methods to ensure delivery is professional and to the highest standard, and strive towards ensuring your attendees leave the event influenced and inspired. Our experienced production team is here to make sure your next Annual General Meeting is a success. We have been the audio-visual provider behind some of the biggest AGM’s across the region, and combined with our vast range of event services, we have the solutions to all your AGM concerns.

Contact us with us today and start planning a successful Annual General Meeting.